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Narendra Singh Negi

Narendra Singh Negi (Hindi: नरेन्द्र सिंह नेगी) is one of the most prominent folk singers of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. In Uttarkhand it is a famous saying that if you want to know about Uttarakhnd, its people, society, life, culture, traditions and politics then either refer to books of scholars or listen to the songs of Nrendra Singh Negi[citation needed]. An institution by himself Shri Negi is amongst the most popular artists of Uttarakhand. He is not a mere entertainer but he is an artist, a singer, a composer and a poet, who is sensitive to his surroundings.


Born on 12 August 1949 in Pauri Village nearby Pauri town in Pauri Garhwal District (Uttarakhand) ~~ पौड़ी जिले का पौड़ी गाँव (उत्तराखंड), Negi Ji started his career from Pauri and now he has performed almost in all the major countries of the world.[1] This renowned singer of Garhwal (Uttarakhand) believes in quality rather than quantity and that's the reason why people like his song very much. With time lots of singers got introduced to Garhwali Music Industry but despite of these new voices, his voice is still being heard by entire Uttarakhand with same respect and affection.The main cynosure of Negi's song is his lyrics and intense emotional for Uttarakhand and people of Uttarakhand.He has covered all the sorrows, cheerfulness and aspect of Uttrakhandi peoples life only through his lyrics and voice.He has sung all kind of Uttarakhndi Lok Gheets(Folk Song) without altering the emotion and dignity of those folk song. He is one of the most popular singer among inhabitants as well as non residents, the Folk Genome Tank of Uttarakhand has got many of his hit songs in their collection with number of followers pertaining individual songs.[2] He was awarded many times for his brilliant singing.


He has a family of four members with two kids Ritu and Kavilas. Ritu, his daughter is working in one of the MNC in Delhi whereas his son Kavilas has successfully completed the MBA course. Like Negi Ji, his wife Usha Negi is also serving Uttarakhand through her delicious Garhwali/Uttarakhandi Dishes that she promotes in various occasions and platforms. For this she also got recognized in Himalayan Estate Food Festival held in Palampur (Himachal Pradesh). Negi Ji served as a District Information Officer in Information and Public Relation Department till July 2005. Right now he is concentrating on his family and on his upcoming songs..

Music career

Negi Ji started his music career by releasing "Garhwali Geetmala". These Garhwali Geetmalas came in 10 different parts. As these Garhwali Geetmalas were from different companies he was finding it difficult to manage them. So he finally switched into releasing his cassettes by giving them separate titles. His first album came with the title called "Buraans". Buraans is a well-known flower found on hills.

He has realesed most number of superhit albums. He has also given his voice in many garhwali movies like "Chakrachal","Gharjawai","Meri Ganga Holi Ta Maima Aali" etc. This renowned singer from Garhwal has sung more than 1000 songs till now. He has been awarded in various occasions from public round the world. Long time back Akashwaani, Lucknow recognized and awarded him as the most popular folk singer among 10 other artists. This was based on the number of mails that they received for "Farmayashi Geet" (Songs on Demand).

Till now Negi ji has performed in various countries like USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Muscat, Oman, Bahrain and U.A.E. etc. Garhwali & Kumauni Societies, which are run by Garhwali-Kumauni NRIs regularly calls him to perform abroad. Garhwali-Kumauni families living abroad and in India enjoy his songs very much. "It is their love that still I am continuing with my singing", says Negi ji.He only believe in reality of the Uttarakhand's culture, that is why his all the songs are reality based and that is why negiji is so close to the people of Uttarakhand. Being a garhwali singer he is also most populer singer of kumaoni people, all kumaoni people don't understand garhwali but they all like and injoy negiji's songs.

He likes the work of Gulzar sahab. "His work, old or new has a deep meaning". Besides singing Negi Ji is also into writing. Till now his 3 books have published. His first book "Khuch Kandi" (meaning cane bucket used to carry Arsa and Roat) got published in 1992. His second book "Gaadiyoun Ki Ganga, Saniyoun Ka Samudar" (meaning Ganges of imagination and sea of lust) got published in 2000. His third book "Muth Boti Ki Rakh" (meaning tighten your palm and hands and be ready) got published by Shekhar Pathak. This book has got the collection of all his "aandolan" songs. His fourth book will shortly be available in the market.

In years past, he has also sung sad elegies to Tehri town, recently inundated by the Tehri dam, as well as fiery protest songs during the Uttarakhand separate state movement.

In 2007, the Calcutta-based Telegraph[3] called him the "Dylan of the Hills" for his 2006 protest song, Nauchami Narain, against the then Chief Minister ND Tiwari and the entire political class of Uttarakhand.

Tribune News Service, Haridwar, November posted that Negi has a smooth, sweet voice that transcends barriers of language. His songs in the nineties during the Uttarakhand state movement inspired the hill folk to stand up and fight for the cause of a separate state.

List of albums

Album Title
Haldi haath
Hosiya umar
Jai dhari devi
Kai the khojyani holi
Maya ko mundaro
Nauchammi narena
Nayu nayu byo cha
Salyaan Syali
Samdola ka dwi din
Thando re thando
Tu holi beera
Tumari maya ma
Utha jaga uttrakhand
Ab Kadga Khelyo
Wa Jyunali Raat
100 ku Naut
Taka chan ta takataka
Kargile Ladaima

List of movies

Movie Title
Meri Ganga Holi Ta Maima Aali
Cham Ghunguru

( Jai Dhari Devi)

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Pauri Garhwal District

Pauri Garhwal district was a part of the erstwhile Garhwal Kingdom ruled by the Pal (Shah) dynasty. The throne of the King was at Srinagar. In 1803 Gurkhas, after many unsuccessful attempts, finally succeeded in capturing Garhwal by defeating the army of King Pradyumna Shah. In 1816, the British defeated the Gurkhas in the Anglo-Nepalese War, and the Garhwal Kingdom was re-established in Tehri.Andkil is the smallest village in uttaranchal (population wise) under 40 persons.Its near Ekeshwar.Mr. Anand Singh Rawat is The senior most person of the village.
History of Pauri Garhwal District suggests that through the ages, the evolution of human civilization in this region of Garhwal Himalaya has been parallel to the rest of Indian sub-continent. Katyuri was the first historical dynasty, which ruled over unified Uttarakhand and left some important records in the form of inscriptions and temples. In the later period after the downfall of the Katyuris, it is believed that the Garhwal region was fragmented in more than sixty-four principalities ruled by a chieftain, one of the principal chieftainship was Chandpurgarh. In the mid of 15th century A.D. Chandpurgarh emerged as a powerful principality under the rule of King Jagatpal (1455 A.D to 1493 A.D.), who was a descendent of Kanakpal. Towards the end of 15th century AD King Ajaypal enthroned Chandpurgarh and ruled the region. Subsequently, his kingdom came to be known as Garhwal and he transferred his capital from Chandpur to Devalgarh before 1506 AD and later on to Srinagar during 1506 to 1519 A.D.
King Ajaypal and his successors ruled the region of Garhwal for nearly three hundred years even during this period they had faced a number of attacks from Kumaon, Mughals, Sikhs and Rohillas. An important event in the history of Pauri Garhwal District was Gorkha invasion. It was marked by extreme brutality. After conquering Doti and Kumaon, Gorkhas attacked Garhwal despite stiff resistance put up by the Garhwali forces. But in the meantime, news came of a Chinese invasion and the Gorkhas were forced to lift the siege. However, in 1803, they again mounted an invasion. After capturing Kumaon, they attacked Garhwal in three columns. Eventually, the Gorkhas became the masters of entire Garhwal in 1804 and ruled the territory for twelve years.
The rule of Gorkhas in Garhwal area ended in 1815 after the British invasion in the region. After the defeat of Gorkha army, the British rulers on 21 April 1815, decided to establish their rule over the eastern, half of Garhwal region, which lies east of Alaknanda River and Mandakini river. The remaining part of Garhwal in the west was restored to King Sudarshan Shah who established his capital at Tehri. Initially the administration was entrusted to the commissioner of Kumaon and Garhwal with headquarters at Nainital, but later Garhwal was separated and formed into a separate district in the year 1840 under an assistant commissioner with his headquarter at Pauri. In early 1960, Pauri Garhwal District and Chamoli District was carved out of Garhwal district. The current Living of Kumaon KIngdom is Raja Mahendra Chand of Lamakhet (Pithoragarh), married to Rani Gita Chand of Rina.

After independence what was then known as the Garhwal district was further divided into Pauri Garhwal and Chamoli districts in 1960. In 1997 an additional area was carved out of the Pauri Garhwal and merged with parts of Chamoli and Tehri Garhwal districts to form a new district named Rudraprayag. Ransi ground situated in pauri is the highest ground in Asia. Pauri Garhwal encompasses an area of 5230 km2 and situated between 29° 45’ to 30°15’ Latitude and 78° 24’ to 79° 23’ E Longitude.
The District is administratively divided into nine tehsils and fifteen developmental blocks.[1]
Chaubatta Khal
Kaljikhal(largest Block in Pauri Garhwal)

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My Village Panchrad

                  About Panchrad

Panchrad is a Village in Bironkhal Tehsil in Pauri Garhwal District of Uttarakhand State, India. It is located 49 KM towards South from District head quarters Pauri. 128 KM from State capital Dehradun

Panchrad Pin code is 246275 and postal head office is Baijrao (A) .

Panchrad is surrounded by Nainidanda Tehsil towards South , Pokhra Tehsil towards west , Rikhnikhal Tehsil towards west , Syaldey Tehsil towards East .



U.K Village